Main Objectives

  • Promote entrepreneurship culture and developing electronic businesses in the field of tourism.
  • Economical and spiritual support for the startups in the field of tourism.
  • Guide and sponsor ideas for commercialization and provide the necessary means for them to maintain their activities
  • Provide effective communication between creative and thoughtful people with government agencies and the private sector .
  • Formation, strengthening and development of startup ecosystems and entrepreneurship in the field of e-tourism

General Questions

As the first international E-Tourism Hackathon in Iran (Hackatourism 2020) is being held on Kish Island and a number of government officials and investors from the private sector will make visits of the event, the policy-making committee decided to hold the event on Kish Island, a Free-Zone in Iran. Furthermore, Kish Island has the necessary high-quality general facilities for events like the Ideas Festival. Kish Island is one of the most beautiful parts of Iran and the participants will have a memorable experience considering the executive team’s special programs for the participating individuals and teams.


you can  only register on event’s official website

Registration period starts on Oct 7, 2019 and finishes on   Dec 21st, 2019. The initial announcement of admitted teams for event participation would be in January 2020.

The admitted individuals who are invited to the event should be present at the event on Kish Island from 5-7 February 2019.

The initial registration is free of charge; however, the invited individuals’ participation fee is $30. It is important to mention that the winners of the festival, apart from the awards and services, will have a full reimbursement of all their travel expenses for their journey to Kish Island.

The initial registration is free and the participation fee must be paid as soon as you receive the invitation to the event. It is to mention that any delay in payment can be an indication of withdrawal.

Following the initial registration, the event’s panel of judges will evaluate the submitted ideas and plans. The ideas which meet the admission criteria will be invited to participate in the event.

Yes, you can contact our secretariat and make a request to our support team.

Questions about Hackatourism 2020

Yes, the individuals who have ideas, start-ups or inventions which have the potentials for commercialization and need investments on their plans can participate in the events at the same time. Please visit FAQ of E-Tourism Hackathon for more information.

Questions about the event

Considering the fact that the event is hosted by Sharif University of Technology- Kish International Campus, it is necessary to obey the rules and regulation and respect the Islamic values while you are on the campus.

This event is held for presenting your ideas and plans to potential private and government investors; as such, any approval from authorized organizations, a sample of the initial plan in the form of a startup, industrial plan and other things including the business plan, the project feasibility analysis and a business model canvas have special privileges for presenting your work to the jury.

Yes, you are allowed to do so; however, all the travel expenses including the accommodation cost must be paid for the guest as the event does not incur the expenses. You need to inform our support team if you intend to have a guest with you after receiving the invitation to the event.

The on-campus accommodation will be available from the evening before the event up to the evening after the event at Sharif University of Technology-Kish International Campus for free. However, you’d like to have a longer better stay, you can book a hotel.

No. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the venue.

Questions about the Judgment

The members of the judging panel are among the most reputed individuals in their fields. There are technical judges who are experienced in executing industrial plans, they have patented inventions and founded startups; the scientific judges, on the other hand, are experts in the fields of tourism and tourism industry who are among scholars of the areas of the challenges.

All the intellectual and corporeal rights of the ideas, plans and startups are reserved by the developers. It is important to mention that one of the intellectual services provided for the participants is helping the developers to patent the intellectual property right of their ideas and plans through experienced legal experts’ assistance.

There are a number of cash and non-cash awards which are as follows:

  • Awarding five top ideas
  • Introducing and referring the participants to potential investors
  • Providing referrals to establishment and acceleration centers
  • Meeting famous people in the field of entrepreneurship and hear about their experiences and receive consultancy
  • Receiving participation certificates (for all participants)
  • Receiving free legal services for patenting the ideas and plans by legal experts (available for all participants)
  • Having a tour of the island following the closing ceremony (available for all participants)