General Questions

Hackathon is a compound noun made with “Hack” and “Marathon”. As the name has it, initially the events were held to hack different systems; however, gradually, as they gained popularity, they became competitions for developing practical workable software and applications.

Hackathons are held with different overriding themes, and Hackatourism is the programming/coding marathon to develop software in the field of tourism.

On the first day of the event, the challenges are assigned to the participating teams while in a startup weekend. which were formerly mistaken as hackathons, the teams have their own ideas. What’s more, the focus of Hackatourism is on the coding process and final applications while in a startup weekend the main focus is on the idea and the final presentation.

Hackatourism is an international event hosted by Sharif University of Technology-Kish International Campus in close collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, Kish Free Zone Organization and MIT.

Hackatourism is the first Tourism Programming marathon at the international level in Iran and Kish Island, as an international corridor which accelerate the participation of foreign countries, is the ideal spot with unique features to form a memorable experience for the participating teams.

Yes. People with creative ideas, startups or inventions which have the potential to be commercialized and need investments can participate in the Startup Ideas Festival . For more information, please check FAQ of Startup Ideas Festival Festival.

Question about teams

Registration is only possible for teams and the number of members can range from 4 to 6. Every team needs to assign a representative who would be the contact point for the coordination including registration and admission.

A good team consists of web programmers, Android/IOS app developer, UI design specialist and tourism experts.

As the central theme of the event is tourism, an expert in the field is not only essential but also plays an important role to help solve the assigned challenge.

You can inform us and our support team does its best to help you find a teammate specialized in tourism

The only team members who are allowed to register individually are the tourism experts. They are later introduced to the teams; however, there is no obligation for the teams to choose the introduced individual.

Please visit

The registration fee following the admission is $34 per member. There is 15% discount for the teams who complete their registration before 23rd Oct 2019.

It is NOT possible to edit the resumes and profiles following the initial registration and submission. Once admitted, the teams are allowed to edit the information.

The initial registration is free and the admitted teams are expected to complete their registration by paying the fee as soon as they received the admission letter. Any delay in finalizing the registration is considered as withdrawal from the competition.

Discounts are calculated automatically following the registration completion by the team leader.

The technical team will study the teams When they receive resumes and sample project submissions on initial registration. Teams that have the best performance and resume will be invited to the the event. Note that this is a relative issue, and depending on the quality of the participants it may be easier or harder for you.

Yes, you can contact us with the aid of site support section.

Questions about holding

Due to hosting the campus of Sharif University of Technology in marathon, Islamic standards need to be respected.

This event is a programming marathon, Bring any tools needed for coding and getting output.

Example: Personal Accessories, Laptops, Headphones, etc.

No, you are not allowed to do so, and only those who registered can attend the event.

Once your team’s resume is approved, you can correct the information for just one person and replace them, but it is not possible when final registration is done and the marathon tickets purchased.

Notify the support team at least one week before the event.

Since the marathon is a 24-hour competition, to facilitate the travel, the rest camp is provided free of charge from the evening before and until the evening after the marathon, but those who want a better stay or decide to stay for more days in Kish Island can take advantage of discounted hotels listed on the Hactorism website.

No. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the venue.

Yes, all teams must be admitted on day one, and daily attendance at Marathon is mandatory. Participants using the hotel may not be present from 10pm to 8am.

Arbitration Questions

The referees and coaches will be in the technical and scientific divisions who are technically selected from among the most prominent and experienced persons in the country who have a background in coding, analyzing and reviewing systems. Scientific referees have also been selected from tourism experts to address the challenges.

The refereeing checklist will be provided to the teams.

In the arbitration stage, Teams output, such as installable version with open source code of all developed applications as well as all open source server side (website and web services) should be submitted to the arbitration committee.

The material and intellectual property of all products produced during the marathon is event-related and teams can only use their produced output with written consent.


First Team $ 3000

Second Team $ 1500

Third Team $ 1000

And two non-cash prizes including: Three Day Trip to Honduraby Island and Three Day Trip to Kish Island

Cremation tour for all participants after the closing

Cash prizes will be awarded to first to third teams at the end of the season.

The non-cash prizes will be coordinated with the winning teams’ travel time.

On the final day, the awards for top five teams are to their team’s leather and the team leader is required to distribute the prizes among the members.